Film awards
2010 Excellence in Filmmaking, Canada International Film Festival 2010 (CHATURANGA)
Chaturanga Film Festival (CHATURANGA).
Gran Prix , Bridegefest, Sarajevo 2009 (CHATURANGA)
Best Director, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival (CHATURANGA)
Golden Palm, Mexico International Film Festival 2009 (CHATURANGA)
Best Foreign drama feature, Motorcity International Film Festival (CHATURANGA)
Best Feature Film, New Jersey Independent South Asian Cine Fest 2009 (CHATURANGA)
Best Independent Feature Film, Independents' Film Festival 2009 (CHATURANGA)
The Golden Reel Award, Nevada Film Festival 2009 (CHATURANGA)
Best Bengali Feature Film, Natinal Awards, INDIA (HERBERT)
Audience Award, International Film Festval, DHAKA (HERBERT)
Lankesh Award, Best Debut Director, BANGALORE (HERBERT)
BFJA Award, Most Promising Director, KOLKATA (HERBERT)

Theatre Awards and Citations
  Sera Bangali (2014)
  West Bengal State Theatre Academy Award for Best Direction (Play TEESTA PAARER BRITTANTO)
  Anandalok Chancellor Award for Best Production (Play TEESTA PAARER BRITTANTO)
  Achinta Chowdhury Memorial Award (Play TEESTA PAARER BRITTANTO)
  Asian Paints Shiromoni Purashkar Award for Best Production (Play GANTABYA)
  Drama Academy of India Award, for Best Production (Play GANTABYA)
  Pramatesh Barua Memorial Award, for Best Production (Play GANTABYA)
  West Bengal State Theatre Academy Award, for Best Production (Play GANTABYA)
  Shyamal Sen Smriti Purashkar, for Best Production (Play CORIOLANUS)
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