ASAMAPTA ( 20016 )

Indrajit has come to the mountains to search for his childhood. He is staying in his friend Moloy’s house. Moloy and Tuki married out of love, but they are bitter now. Indrajit witnesses their diurnal quarrels. At this juncture Indrajit meets Mitun, his former love. Once upon a time they were supposed to get married, but Indrajit had backed out in the last minute. Mitun had later married Subrata with that searing pain of rejection in her heart. Mitun and Subrata’s warm conjugal bond is in stark contrast with the volatile married lives of Moloy and Tuki. Caught in between, the cautious and meticulous Indrajit begins to discover a new philosophical outlook towards relationships, marriage, and women. A series of events throws up new challenging questions about life that bring the eternal escape artist Indrajit to strange crossroads and lives begin to change.

Director’s Note:

Compromise! Complicity! Conformance!

These words were mingling in mind, haunting me during the shooting.

Approaching 35, Indrajit, is still stickler for perfection. And that has become an alibi for him to escape uncomfortable situations of life. But he would be tough enough without his having made a few compromises. But he disguises his compromises with a romantic notion of search for ‘perfection’ in beauty and life. He is a non-committal idiosyncratic.

His search for childhood memory in mountains might be an honest attempt to redefine his past but his vanities for flawlessness as an escape route is inflexible from the guts. However, Indrajit confronts the turbulent couple, Malay and Tuki, who have taken the daily conflicts as an essential part of life. So he realizes, once you made the first adjustment with life, the next compromises come more easily – you slowly get settled with the idea that adjustment is part of life and that, after all, there are different kinds of falsehoods, different kinds of compromise and all kinds of situations.

Incomplete is predominantly a scan of the moment when you realize that a great part of your life has passed you. You have made the important decisions of your life and here you are today. It is a story about compromise and principles, about decisions and choices and on the fragility and complexity of human relationships.

Incomplete belongs to that kind of cinema that respects reality a n d r e a l i sm. T h e s t o r y maintains the chronology of events but it remains subjective and the ambiguity sustains.

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Main Cast
Indrajit - Ritwick Chakraborty
Tuki - Swastika Mukherjee
Mitun - Paoli Dam
Moloy - Bratya Basu
Chelu - Dibyendu Bhattacharya
Doctor - Santu Mukherjee
Subrata - Anindya Banerjee
Sanatani - Poulomi Das
Main Crew
Novel - Sirshendu Mukherjee
Written & directed by - Suman Mukhopadhyay
Cinematography - Gopi Bhagat
Sound Designer - Sukanta Majumdar
Music Composer - Debojyoti Mishra
Editor - Saurav Sarangi
Produced by - Pawan Kanodia
Production - AVA Films Productions
Production Manager - Kanchan Bhattacharya
Executive Producer - Gautam Mridha
Technical Details
Runtime - 120 minutes
Bengali Title - Asamapto
English Title - Incomplete
Country - INDIA
Year - 2016
Language - Bengali
Color - Color
Shooting format - Digital, 2K Scope
Sound - 5.1 Surround
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