Megacity Kolkata hides many worlds inside it. This film explores several facets of life in the city, through three intertwining stories, documenting the loves, fears, joys, sorrows, insecurities, and confidences of people who, despite vast differences, seem to merge in one great long flow of humanity.


Manmatha belongs to the upper echelons of the new, burgeoning middle class. He is spending an entire night at the emergency ward of a state hospital. It is in the hospital that Manmatha meets Jagadish, a lower middle class man, whose son, a soccer goalkeeper, is fighting a deadly stomach injury. Manmatha is completely baffled by Jagadish’s unruffled, serene attitude. A violent street gang conflict near the hospital prompts Manmatha and Jagadish to retreat to Manmatha's car, where they see the outside world ……


Biren is jobless and lives in the borders of the city. Bombs are exploded and bullets fired near a construction site in the neighborhood when there is gang dispute over extortions. Biren begins to ask all and sundry: “I have nothing to fear. Do I?” He gets the same answer: “What do you have to fear?” And yet Biren cannot get over his fear. An unknown terror grips him. But, unfortunately, Biren’s worst fears come true. In the tumult of the city, it is impossible to discern when and from what source a bullet might arrive and pick a head from the crowd.


Rohit and Rongili are currently separated. Rohit is an America returned MBA who works for a multinational and makes loads of money. It was a dazzlingly packaged life that was empty at the core. But something strange happened to Rohit on the day of the lunar eclipse. He was drinking alone in his swanky, well-furnished high-rise apartment and sees a weird hallucination. A pyre had been set in the heart of the city for the inhuman medieval ritual of burning widows. Hours later Rohit was lying unconscious in the hospital.

Main Cast
Manmatha - Anjan Dutt
Kamalini - Sreelekha Mitra
Biren - Arun Mukherjee
Rohit - Chandan Roy Sanyal
Rongili - Rituparna Sengupta
Main Crew
Director - Suman Mukhopadhya
Cinematography - Indranil Mukherjee
Film Editing - Arghakamal Mitra
Sound Department - Harikumar Pillai
Technical Details
Runtime - 95 mins
Country - INDIA
Year - 2009
Language - Bengali (with nglish Subtitles)
Color - Color(Fuji)
Format - 35 mm
Aspect Ratio - 1.85 : 1
Sound Mix - Dolby Digital Surround
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